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Top Tools to Keep in Your Bridal Toolbox June 14, 2021

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Wedding season has begun! With the hit on prime wedding season last summer due to Covid-19, there have been several weddings re-scheduled for this summer! With the back-to-back weddings, there is no time to be unorganized. It’s time to start thinking about what and how to put your bridal kit together so you and your team are successful!



In your toolbox kit you will want to keep tools for every type of hair and for every type of curl. You will be expected to do everything from the soft and natural curls to the tight corkscrew. So show up prepared with all of the essentials! It’s typical to need to bring between three and four different curling iron sizes. You will want to also bring a standard straightening iron and a mini for the pixie cuts, baby hair fly-aways, or men’s grooming needs. A hair dryer isn’t a bad idea either for the brides or bridesmaids that show up with damp hair. While they may not be used often, hot rollers should be thrown in your tool kit for the occasional need of some extra texture or volume.


Brushes, Combs, Clips, etc…:

Detangling, round brushes in all sizes, teasing and sectioning combs are all essential tools. Pack several of your favorite clips. It’s better to have too many than not enough. Set yourself apart from the rest and do not skimp on the essentials. Bring Bobbi pins in every size, color, and shape even. The same goes for the hair ties and rubber bands. You will want to have every color and a variety of sizes! Donuts won’t just be on brunch menu, bring the donut hair forms; they have strong potential to help make an up-do perfect. Consider bringing a few hairpiece accessories. It never hurts to have lots of options!



Texturizing powder, curl creams, salt sprays, and thermal sprays will be among the many products to pack! Do not forget the hairspray. You may even want to bring different levels of hold. Some hairstyles may need a stronger hold, while others are softer and won’t need much more than just a light hold. Intend on leaving your bride with a touch up kit. This can include travel size products that you used in her hair, extra bobby pins, or rubber bands, etc. Most importantly, you will want to keep a sanitary environment, so do not forget your barbicide!



You’re probably wondering how on earth you are going to get all of this organized, right? Here are a few of my favorite products for organizing your bridal toolbox kit:

  1. A tackle box. Sounds silly, but they work great for holding in all of your rubber bands, ponytails, and bobby pins. It will also make them easily accessible. Grab a separate one for all of your smaller combs and clips.
  2. Enclosed rolling cart. You will want to have something that has wheels. It will make it easier for lugging your tools around!
  3. A plastic caddy can be handy for all of your products. Easy to pull out of your toolbox and place on the table next to you.


Well there you have it! Our top tips and tools to get you through this wedding season! It’s going to be a wild ride, but stay organized and you will do just fine!

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