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5 Makeup Hacks that’ll help you this Halloween October 31, 2021

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Knock! Knock!
Who’s there?
Wanda Witch!
Wanda Witch who?

Wanda Witch you a Happy Halloween!


Okay but seriously, here we are just the day before Halloween! Have you been preparing? For the makeup gurus, Halloween is the greatest holiday of all time. It is their time to shine, be creative, and show off some spine-tingling techniques. We want to share some Halloween makeup hacks with you that will help take your costume to the next level. These simple-to-do hacks will be spooky, bloody, fall off your hayride fun, and down right magical.


#1 Fake Blood

​First of all, what is Halloween without a little bit of crimson red? This year skip buying those spendy bottles of fake blood and make it yourself. Likely you already have everything you need in your makeup kit, which is a red lipstick of your choice, creamy black eyeliner, and a clear lip-gloss. To create this perfect bloody potion, take the lipstick shavings and mix in the black liner to your preferred hue. Lastly, add in the clear lip-gloss for the perfect gory look!


#2 Fake wounds using glue sticks

​If you’re in the market for an oozing cut or a busted up nose this Halloween, this tip is for you! Create a fake wound by molding together portions of a glue stick into the desired shape you need. Pro tip: use a small amount of water to maneuver the product easier. After you’ve created what seems to be the perfect shape, hit it with the blow dryer until it becomes hard on your skin. Proceed with applying a translucent powder to help the make up stick better followed by your choices of black, blue, purple, or red shadows to complete the bloody, bruised look. This is sure to leave the crowd questioning how it looks so real!

#3 Realistic Freckles

​Now not all Halloween makeup is created to scare the candies out of you. Some are created for the charming princesses or movie characters. So on some accounts, you need a dollop of realistic beauty marks to pull off the look!  To create freckles, you will want to use a brown, long-wear lip or eyeliner pencil. Dot your face in the areas of your choice, making sure to do some that are small and some big. Not all freckles are created equal.

#4 Fake Stubble

​Three words: tinted brow gel. It works magically to produce the look of stubble growth that’s not actually on the face! Using a mascara wand (spoolie) stipple along the beard area. For a more convincing beard, use two different tinted brow gel colors.


#5 Make those lips disappear

​Remember the peculiar Effie Trinket from the movie “The Hunger Games”? She was known for the “disappearing lip”. Occasionally, one must go extraordinarily unusual and over the top. This Halloween hack will do it for you. Start by covering the lips up with the foundation that matches your skin tone used for the rest of the face coverage. Next top it with a translucent powder. At this point you can either choose to create an illusion of a fuller lip by drawing a new lip line, or draw a smaller pout like the dear Effie Trinket! Finish it off by applying your preferred lipstick or lip-gloss.

​We hope these easy hacks will help you this spooky season! Be sure to practice once or twice before Halloween to guarantee fang-tastic results!

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